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 New member and New rider

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Registration date : 2013-04-07

PostSubject: New member and New rider   Sun Apr 07 2013, 21:19

Hey all!
I'm new to this forum and the rider world. Just went and got my licence on Wednesday after doing the rider test Monday and tuesday.
First time on a bike (honda cb125e) Monday and did not look back. So I went out on thursday and bought a brand new 2013 Honda CBR250R Mugen, and my car is now for sale lol
From being a car fanatic to now loving the 2wheels,
It's amazing on how different it is out there on the road!
Every rider I've passed on a supersport the last few days have all nodded or showed appreciation that I was also out there on a bike. It's like a family I never new I had. I never recieved that from the car industry. I was so used to ransoms giving me shit about my car, or trying to race, an stating their cars better.
The bike industry is so much different, in just the last couple of days, I've noticed it's more love of the fact of a bike then it is about some guys turbo or mods.
Random rider give you respect and compliment you on your bike. It's actually such a better feeling!
I apologise for my rant, just wanted to say thanks to those random riders LOL

also, are there many ride days, meets, charity events or anything in the sydney area ?? If so, I'd love to be a part of it!

Also, since being a brand new bike, with 0kms, I've done just under 500 kms already, is that alot ?
I'm also going to get some lube tomorrow for the chain, any recommendations?? Only as I'm new to this and need to learn somehow. I know it's going to be tuff as Honda never added a centre stand or even made it possible to add an additional one to my bike, would it still be okay if I just roll the bike back a few inches whilst I apply??
Any info would be great, apart from that, how often should I Lube the chain? Any other regular maintenance I should do also?
Anyway, thanks for all your time and apologise for my rant lol
But thanks!!

I don't know if this'll work, but here's a pic of my new baby
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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 07:26

A good story Daniel, and welcome to the site. A perfect day ride for you would be this Sunday. We start off at Berowra Waters with a BBQ and then head to Toukley for lunch. I'll be at the tail end. Check the ride thread in group rides for details. Any questions, just ask.

There are a lot of rides including charity rides in Sydney. You will hear about them at this site.

Age criteria for CTP thru Monaland Insurance is now 30 years. Enquire at www.monaland.com.au

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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 08:06

Hi Daniel and welcome.
Yes, we found the same in the world of bikes.
As my son would say, we are a part of one of societys sub-cultures, and bloody top one at that.
As for bikes, theres no such thing as a bad bike. In my opinion theyre all good for all differant reasons. The only thing is, its hard to find one suitable for everything.
Here is the chain lube I use (LINK)
It sticks to the chain well and doesnt make such a mess on the rims. I generally apply it every second time I wash the bike, or every 4 or so rides, depending on the number of kms of course.
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Registration date : 2009-02-06

PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 08:49

Hi Daniel,

It's great to hear you experience - riding really is a religion.

Not to inundate you, but for the new enthusiast, there is a lot to learn. But don't be daunted - learning about riding, roads and your bike is the most fun. You'll find many regulars on NSW Riders will be happy to answer questions. A lot of learning is done by experience, too, so don't be in a rush.

Re your chain, I used to ask the missus to hold my ol' Honda Hornet (CB600) on a tilt on the stand, lifting the rear wheel off the ground for me to lube. It's not hard, but you do need two people. When I got the ZX7R, it was too heavy for her hold, so I bought a roller from the web (http://www.pashnit.com/product/wheeljockey.html). My CBR1100XX has a centre stand, so I no longer need the roller.
Your Honda should be light enough to hold on a lean on its side stand. My mechanic says I should oil the chain every 400km, but you'll know when you've done too much.

Other regular maintenance you'll need to remember - tyre pressures. Depending how mechanically minded you are will determine how much other work you can do yourself.

So come along to some ride days and keep having fun Wink


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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 09:02

Welcome Daniel,

I am with Charlie on the lube... gel is best, there are a few different brands, I clean and re lube the chain every 1000k's, sometimes a quick spray in between if I ride in a real heavy rain, anything apart from that mine goes back to the dealer to do.

I don't think there would a a centre stand for a 125 but you may be able to get bobbins and a race stand to lift the rear wheel to make it easier to lube the chain instead of a couple of inches at a time as you mentioned.

Talk to the dealer you bought it from or try Westerns Motorcycles at Penrith re bobbins and race stand.
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Registration date : 2009-08-29

PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 09:10


One tip re chain lube is to lube it when it is hot, in other words when you get back from a ride. This will allow better penetration into the links and therefore longer chain life.

Also cut out a rectangular section of cardboard and hold it behind the chain to protect your rim and tyre from overspray. It will save you a lot of cleaning later.

I got tired of rolling my R1 along the drive to turn the wheel / chain so I bought a second hand rear stand which make life a lot easier.

See you on a ride sometime.
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Number of posts : 723
Registration date : 2011-01-16

PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Mon Apr 08 2013, 21:06

welcome Daniel
good story, once you are bitten by the bike bug there is no cure for it,
hope to meet on a ride soon
take care, cheers cheers cheers cheers
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Number of posts : 78
Registration date : 2013-02-16

PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Tue Apr 09 2013, 10:48

Welcome to the NSWR forum Daniel!

For someone on L's (like myself), you will find plenty of information and support in this network.

My personal motto for riding is - I will stop riding when I want and NOT because of an injury that could have been avoided with proper gear - because shit happens but there are things we can do to avoid them - in summary - All the gear all the time! (ATGATT)

I am up for the Putty Road Ride - hope to see you there, if are able to make it.

Have fun and Ride Safe!
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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Wed Apr 10 2013, 12:23

Nice color on the Mugen cheers

Its worthy to buy a race-stand; even when u upgrade your bike you can still use it (as long as u not upgrading to a cruiser/ adventure).
Makes chain lubing, waxing/cleaning rims, or even washing a breeze. Dont forget the spools to go with he stands.
THere are few reasonably priced ones from www.kaneg.com.au in Central Coast.

I lube the chain every 5-600kms or after riding in heavy rain. Check the tension too.

All in all, welcome to NSWR and feel free to ask any Qs

FR #483, NSWR #4, Wakefield $50 Lic #243*0 What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   Fri Apr 12 2013, 20:11

welcome Daniel nice looking ride there. Hope to see you on a ride sometime.
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PostSubject: Re: New member and New rider   

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New member and New rider
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